About Me

Mark Martinho

Mark Martinho, J.D.                                     BRE#01372898                               (650) 346-1595

My name is Mark Martinho and I am a local real estate broker and owner of Vabrato Real Estate Services. Unlike the vast majority of brokers, my commitment to protect my clients’ interests led me to attend law school and earn my J.D. degree. Was it difficult . . .  sure it was! Did my brain hurt soaking in all those facts . . .  still does sometimes! But my clients deserve my full commitment to them!

I Love Brittan Heights!  Its Location, Rustic Ambience, and  Amenities make it an ideal community  for a family or an individual.  It’s the only Condo Complex that I  purposely seek to do business in.

I also love showing these homes because I live about a mile from Brittan Heights – No, I’m not lazy, it’s just convenient!  This is a unique community with a Tahoe flavor to it that I enjoy bringing first time buyers or people looking to downsize. Places like Redwood Shores and Foster City can be so boring . . . they are riddled with condo complexes that lack the canyons views, nearby natural parks, the majestic trees and warmer climate. Also, if you like pets, there are few places that will allow you to keep two of them without secretly hiding the second one in the closet! Brittan Heights has a perfect blend of what I personally enjoy.

Both my mother and I are very proud of the reputation that I have built with my clients, please visit the Yelp links below to review some of the testimonials by my clients.

In all sincerity, my business principles are simple – I am dedicated to providing clients in and around San Mateo County quality and flexible professional real estate services. Basically, treat people the way I like to be treated. This philosophy has led to a high rate of client satisfaction – well over 90% of my business comes from referrals.

I take pride in my extensive San Mateo County real estate market knowledge and my professional marketing strategies. These are the skills that make me successful in assisting clients with their real estate endeavors.

“If you’re looking for a positive & successful real estate experience,   then call me!

I conduct my own extensive real estate market research to better understand local trends. I also like to spotlight how the real estate market is performing in San Mateo County overall. This extra effort to better understand our real estate market makes me really nerdy, but it does enable me to better advise my clients with their San Mateo County real estate transactions.


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