Brittan Home Prices on Fire Again!!!

Home prices has recently risen again in San Carlos and surrounding communities and Brittan Heights homeowners are benefiting from these market changes. Several 2/2 condos have recently sold between $850,000 to $880,000 , there was 3/2 that sold for $950,000 and a 1/1 sold for $650,000. While these may not be all time record highs for 3 and 2 bedroom condos, they do

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HOA Pre-Sale Inspection Out?

Over the last several years when an owner went to sell their Brittan Heights home, the HOA would do an inspection inside.  If the HOA discovered noncompliant or unapproved modifications, then to the best of my knowledge, while the HOA would not halt the sale of the property, it would require that the buyer be notified that the Board could require that the buyer make corrections at the buyer’s

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Cars being egged!

Cars are getting egged at Brittan Heights. A resident posted that their car was egged nearby the Brittan Heights club house parking lot. It was so aggressive that the egg took off some of the paint. It looks like a number of other cars were hit both in the same lot and on the street. Be on the look out

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