Building Designs

Layouts of buildings for the Brittan Heights Condominium Complex

The drawing to the right illustrates how addresses are typically displayed in the Brittan Heights buildings and the outline of a typical structure as seen from above. Most buildings possess two street number addresses while others have up to three.

building2 building3

The picture to the right shows the typical back of a building. Each is three stories high, with a deck/patio and at total of 12 or 18 units per building. The drawings above show the numbering configuration of each building. Typically, unit numbers 1-4 are always at the bottom, numbers 5-6 could also be at the bottom or mid-level; number 7-8 are always mid level; 9-12 could be either mid or top level; and 13-18 are always top level units.Top level units have great vaulted ceilings which make them feel extra spacious.


The pictures to the right show the typical building configuration. The building are typically built into hillsides such that the parking lot is at the same level as the mid-level units. A resident must walk downstairs from the parking lot to reach the bottom units, while mid-level homes are at parking lot level, and finally you have to climb stairs to reach top-level units. The bottom units have a patio since they are ground level while all others have decks. There are also storage lockers above each parking stall.


The one negative about the bottom units is that most have dark bedrooms that look on to cinder block walls such as seen in the picture to the right. The front doors are also often dark, but sometimes there are gates off the patio which provides occupants a little extra space.