If you’re thinking about remodeling, before you start, get approval from the Brittan Heights architectural committee. There are various rules and regulations regarding what may be changed within a unit and the type of materials allowed. It appears that the committee is very accommodating to personal tastes inside a unit. However, the committee is quite restrictive on remodels that would increase the level of noise, affect the structural integrity of the building, or change the looks of the exterior of the structure.

Also check out how these condos are framed at the bottom of the page – it might help you figure out some things!

If you have photos of a great remodel at Brittan Heights, email them to me and I would love to add them to this website to inspire others when they are thinking about a remodel project. Also, let me know who was the contractor for the project and if you’re up to it, how much it cost to complete plus any advice you would pass on to another person. 

    This is a gorgeous open concept kitchen in an top unit. The owners here not only opened up the wall to the living room, but they also removed the wall to the laundry room to widen the counter space around the sink and give it a more open feeling. Pendant lighting over the counter and a downdraft range vent allow for a clear view of the living room.
    This remodel was performed in 2014. The general contractor was Charles Shenk (650) 388-0650 but a substantial amount of  the work was performed by a subcontractor named Piotr Pomianek (650) 245-7985.


This is a gorgeous kitchen. The owners were smart with going with wall cabinets that stretch up to the ceiling and selected beautiful granite with stainless appliances which also had some dark features to compliment the granite.

    This remodeled bathroom is a 3/2 has an open concept. The wall to the shower/toilet area was removed as well as the wall protruding out that acted as an entry into the walk-in closet.
      This was part of the 2014 remodel done by general contractor Charles Shenk (650) 388-0650 and subcontractor Piotr Pomianek (650) 245-7985.

Often the challenge with the Brittan Heights kitchens is the galley design isolates people in the kitchen from those in the living room. A common remedy has been to remove the wall separating the two rooms and creating a bar between the two areas. The sacrifice here is always loosing wall cabinets, but the results are incredible. I have not idea how they got away with no column on the left side!


Another great example of an open kitchen remodel.

Yet another great example of an open kitchen remodel. Very clean, modern and bright.

Of course we should not forget the more common kitchen cut out. Simply opening the kitchen wall and creating a bar has a dramatic affect.
 pantry1 I love the open concept kitchens but of course everyone gets concerned that once you remove the wall adjoining to the family living room, you will loose at ton a cabinet storage. Solution – look at this great pantry. This owner did stackable washer/dryer then added more cabinets and even a wet bar plus wine frig. Very cool and well designed.

I really like the solution chosen here for that old pocket door which separates the laundry & pantry from the kitchen. Adding this rich wood door with glass really dressed up the area. These folks also did a great overall job in remodeling their kitchen!

Corner Cabinet
A challenge can often be where to place a TV, especially in units with fireplaces. Often the only remaining available wall forces residents to position the couch with its back to the sliding glass door. This corner cabinet is a great compromise for where to place the TV!
Brittan Heights Framing
The drawing to the left is of a 3/2 Brittan Heights condo. The red arrows show the view point of the photos below so the viewer gets a feeling for where the photographer was standing.
Brittan Heights Framing
Photo #1: This is a photo standing in the living room and looking towards the kitchen. The framed wall you see is the wall that is typically removed to open up the kitchen. Notice that there is no header above this wall.
Brittan Heights Framing
Photo #2:This is a photo from inside the kitchen looking out towards the dining area. Notice that there is a header above the opening. Also at the top right part of the photos you can also see the vent pipe for the cooking range hood.
Brittan Heights Framing
Photo #3:This is a photo from inside the kitchen looking towards the laundry room.
Brittan Heights Framing
Photo #4:photo from the dining area looking towards the kitchen.
Brittan Heights Framing
Photo #5:photo from the dining area looking towards living room wall opposite the sliding glass doors.
Brittan Heights Framing
Photo #6:photo from inside the master bath/shower looking through into the hall bathroom tub area.



  • Hello, do you have names of the contractors or companies these units used for their remodels?

  • I really like this article. Most helpful even if you don’t want to remodel. One question though: what is the story with the ceiling/floor? Is there a subfloor? I was told there was concrete but from another source I heard it is only wood covered with a very thin layer of sound proofing that looks like concrete but is not. Any insights?

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