Why Stage?

This is a real story about a home that was for sale several months with two other brokers. After we made our changes and staged it, it sold in 3 days for the same price the old brokers had been asking for months. Staging makes a difference!

Staging is about positively enhancing a buyers experience when they visit a home.

The right splash of color accents, trendy furniture that maintains an open feeling and a clean environment creates a high quality emotional encounter for the buyer. Basically, you want to leave the buyer with a good feeling about visiting your home. This should lead to a faster and higher priced closing and that’s why home staging is worth it. Home Staging typically starts at around $2,000 for a small home (1,000 sf) and increases thereafter.

The picture below is of a home that was vacant when we took the listing. We brought in our stagers to select new colors and add furniture. New color and lighting transformed a buyers experience in this home. The picture at the bottom of this page is the same room before our changes. Judge for yourself how you would feel visiting this home with and without staging.


“Staging can sell your home quicker and for more Money”
Real_Estate_staging_after“Buyers often lack imagination. You need to show them your home at its best!”