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Searchable Brittan Heights CCRs

You know what I like in long documents? The ability to search for key terms! Well, the old Brittan Heights CC&Rs have always been difficult to read, they appear to be copies of other copies Xeroxed long ago. Then of course, if you want to read about all rules regarding a specific issue, it can be difficult to determine whether

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Did my Water Heater just get Noisy?

There have been some complaints by  Brittan Heights ground level residents that their water heaters have become noisy. This can be particularly bad since the water heater closets are next to the master bedrooms downstairs. The HOA has been installing some new hot water heaters and these new heaters are different then the older units. The older units sat in their

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Hidden Costs behind an HOA Lawsuit

There was a recent lawsuit filed by a Brittan Heights resident against the HOA, its Board members and various contractors involved in the retaining walls project. So what is the cost of such a lawsuit to Brittan Heights’ residents? Well, there is the obvious legal costs plus any damages the plaintiff may win. It appears from the letter sent out

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