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As the top Google website  for Brittan Heights,  I frequently get inquiries from Buyers asking about homes for sale  at Brittan Heights!

Brittan Heights Knowledge: I live and work nearby which means I know the area well and have represented both buyers and sellers at Brittan Heights. The extent of this website ought to demonstrate my knowledge about the complex, the HOA, and the intricate Bylaws and CC&Rs. You will benefit from having an agent selling your home whom understands all the positive attributes of Brittan Heights and the community.

How You Benefit

  • Market Knowledge: sellers typically want to be educated about how the real estate market is doing. As an expert in aggregating and analyzing the local markets, I am qualified to keep you well informed on current market trends.
  • Quick Response Time: working and living nearby allows me to quickly respond to your needs. I am able to meet with you without delay and also to show your home to potential buyers at their convenience.
  • Maximum Value: as an experienced negotiator and marketing professional, you will benefit from my years of practice. The result will be obtaining maximum value for your home with the least amount of effort or investment on your part.
  • Trusted Professional: I take great pride in the high-level of customer satisfaction that I am able to achieve with my clients. This is not an accident, I work very hard to ensure my clients receive the best service possible.