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Framing the Remodeling Issue

Wondering what some of the Brittan Heights interior walls look like? Just in case you’re thinking of taking one down to remodel? Well, follow this Link and look towards the bottom of the page and there are several photos of a 3/2 unit taken down to the studs. This might help you or a contractor determine what work needs to be done for a

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The Bronze Age – Windows

When the condominium complex was built back in the early 70s, double pane windows were almost unheard of. Today for energy and noise considerations, many Brittan Heights residents are installing double pane windows. As Henry Ford said, “give them any color car they want, as long as it’s black!” At Brittan Heights, the color of the window frame must be bronze

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Hardwood Floors & Urban Legends

Today, hardwood floors may not be installed in the hall area near the Hall bathroom or in the bedrooms of a Brittan Heights condo. Urban legend had it that you could install hardwood floors throughout the entire house if you lived in a downstairs unit. However, in 2006 new rules regarding hardwood floors were implemented which restricted such installations. Today,

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