Hardwood Floors & Urban Legends

Today, hardwood floors may not be installed in the hall area near the Hall bathroom or in the bedrooms of a Brittan Heights condo. Urban legend had it that you could install hardwood floors throughout the entire house if you lived in a downstairs unit. However, in 2006 new rules regarding hardwood floors were implemented which restricted such installations. Today, the board will not allow such installations, but if you can prove that you installed hardwood floors in the bedrooms prior to 2006 and there have been no complaints from neighbors, then it’s unlikely that the board will require carpet be installed in such areas.


  • The 3/2 unit at 3382 #12 Brittan just sold for $828k. This is a second floor unit. How come this unit has wooden floors throughout (living room, bedrooms, hallways etc.)? How did they get away with it?

    • Andrea: you are correct that almost all the rooms in this Brittan Heights condo had wooden floors, which violates the HOA rules. As a result, the HOA required that the bedrooms be carpeted over before close of escrow. Rumor has it that some HOA spies were even sent to the open house to test whether the agent hosting it was correctly informing the public about it.

      • Great!!!! this really flew into the face of all the homeowners that dutifully complied with HOA requirements. I watched this unit get ready for many months, there were always carpets lying around on the balcony. Now I know why. Re. balcony – they did not even comply with the balcony/patio floor cover rule, they put in tiles!
        Noise prevention is one of the top priorities for HOA and I am most happy that they don’t just talk the talk.

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