OMG! $598,000 for 1/1 Brittan Heights Condo

No doubt that 3311 La Mesa Drive #11 was a really well upgraded 1 bedroom. It was a fantastic blend of elegance and practicality. It had a gorgeous stone fireplace, vaulted ceilings, frosted glass doors throughout, a cool kitchen, and a luxurious bath. But it was still just 741 Sqft of condo next to Hillcrest. The last 1/1 sold for $385,000 back in February 2013. However, in retrospect, it can be justified since historically 1/1s sold for about $100K less then the 2/2s. Most 2/2s are now selling in the $600-650K range and this was an incredible unit deserving a premium. I had been curious what the next Brittan Heights 1/1 condo would sell for and I was surprised.