August Starts with Two Rare offerings!

August 2014 starts off with two rare offering at Brittan Heights. First, we have a 3/2 Townhouse – a real single story townhouse. In the 430 units at Brittan Heights, I think there are only 4 or 5 of these units. This rare gem was listed for $764,950. I have yet to see the interior, but considering a 3/2 top unit just sold for $765,000 this price seems reasonable if its interior is in good condition.

Then we have a 1/1 unit listed for $569,000. There are only 18 units total that are 1/1’s. This will be an interesting one to watch too. We had three units amazingly also sell within two months of each other at the start of 2013, then nothing. Their sale prices ranged from $310,000 to $385,000. While the list price may seem like a huge jump, this is a gorgeous unit inside and historically 1/1 prices were about $100,000 below the 2/2’s. With 2/2’s now selling in the mid $600K range, it seems fitting that this fully updated 1/1 condo should fetch top dollar, but the market will determine that for us.