Framing the Remodeling Issue

Wondering what some of the Brittan Heights interior walls look like? Just in case you’re thinking of taking one down to remodel? Well, follow this Link and look towards the bottom of the page and there are several photos of a 3/2 unit taken down to the studs. This might help you or a contractor determine what work needs to be done for a remodel.


  • Cliff – that’s something that the architecture committee would have to answer for you – my guess is that it’s not given that it’s right next to the open span by the entry door. Not sure I understand how you’re expanding it by removing the wall though?

  • Cliff – looking at the way the ceiling beams run, I doubt the divider is load bearing. However, you should nonetheless get the approval of the architectural committee before doing the work and they really should be able to confirm whether there are any load bearing components to that divider.

  • Very useful
    Does anyone know if the five inch divider wall in the entry way closet is load bearing? I would like to expand the closet area by removing the divider wall.

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