What Pre-sale Inspection?

Gone are the days where a seller could make non-permitted modifications to his condo unit at Brittan Heights and then sell his home to a buyer without the HOA learning anything about it. Anytime there is a sale in Brittan Heights, there has always been a requirement that the HOA signoff on the transaction. However, what is new is that the management company for Brittan Heights also performs a visual inspection of the interior to determine whether the seller is conforming to the HOA’s rules.

While it would be a rare instance for the HOA to deny the property closing escrow on time, it could still impact the seller because the HOA would notify the potential buyer that they could be liable for repairs to bring the home into compliance with the HOA rules. Since this is a new rule, there may be future sellers out there who are not even aware that they are noncompliant. For this reason, I highly recommend that anyone thinking about selling get this presale inspection done as far ahead of time as possible. This will allow you time to make any repairs you deem necessary or at least to ask for a variance from the HOA board which only meets once per month.