Don’t let Thieves take your Stuff!!!

At the November 2014 HOA Board meeting the Board invited the local sheriff to discuss crime at Brittan Heights. The good news is that San Carlos remains a relatively safe community and that Brittan Heights seems to be even safer then San Carlos overall. The bad news is that while crime is not at historical highs in either San Carlos or Brittan Heights, it has risen. The crimes we are discussing are thefts at night – specifically people breaking into cars or stealing items like bikes hanging in the car ports. Apparently these things happen in waves and we are experiencing one now.

The sheriff cautioned residents to lock their cars, do not to leave valuable items visible in their cars, and also to secure bikes stored outside. When residents see someone suspicious, they should call the sheriff’s department immediately, let the sheriff investigate. Meantime the Board is also looking at changing its security service to better monitor the complex.

Stay safe!