Hey… Why Does My Neighbor have AC?

With summer upon us and the heat getting turned up, some of you at Brittan Heights maybe thinking that it would be nice to have air conditioning. You likely heard that it’s not allowed and went home hot, sweaty, and disappointed. However, one day you may have been walking around on a hot day, heard a buzzing overhead and saw an AC unit hanging off a neighbors patio wall. You immediately thought to yourself, “Hey what’s going on here?”

Well, Brittan Heights does make some allowances for AC units if the occupants have a medical condition that requires AC. The AC unit may remain installed only as long as the person remains living on the premises. Should that occupant move out or sell their unit, then the rules require that the AC unit be removed.

So next time it’s hot, remember that you have four pools to choose from!


  • All I can say about that is that I know of units where AC was installed for medical reasons. Later when the property was sold, although the AC units were allowed to remain in place, the HOA required that they be disconnected.

  • thats actually not true because the person who lives there now( and just sold) were not the ones who installed it

  • Thanks..I did wonder about it before.

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