The Unsung Heroes of the Brittan Heights HOA Board

Alright, so I must admit that I sometimes beat up on the HOA Board and I do often hear others criticize it too. First, let distinguish between the Board members and American Management Services [AMS]. The Board is made up of volunteer residents who give up their time to make important decisions to keep Brittan Heights the desirable place it is today. AMS on the other hand is a professional management organization that is paid for the services it provides.

The Board make decisions that I believe are in the best interest of this unique San Carlos complex. I think it’s a fairly thankless job. The meetings I attended (before they kicked me out for not being a resident) were sparsely attended. The few people that showed up either needed an architectural application approved or were there to complain. None one showed to simply say “good job, thank you for taking time out of your schedule to help!” Sometimes the Board seems overly strict with their compliance, but keeping the residents of 433 units happy must be like herding cats and as soon as you let one go astray it all starts falling apart. The recent law suit which named individual Board members can’t have gone over well either with these volunteers whom were just trying to do a good job for the community.

So allow me to suggest that next time you go before the Board for something, start by thanking them for their service.


  • I agree Randall.

  • We have recently been getting those love letters, too. One Sunday I saw an AMS employee walking around the property taking pictures- I again saw him at the office by the pool. Maybe he is a new on site property manager? Regardless, it is overzealous and intrusive. I’m unimpressed with someone peering onto my patio looking for possible infractions… Hoping this will change.

  • Randall

    You’re complaint is one that I have heard before, that Brittan Heights is becoming more strict and business like and less of a true community, as some folks tell me it was long ago. Again, I don’t know if this has been a reaction to too many people violating rules or someone who has a little too much time on their hands. Either way, don’t let stuff like that destroy your enjoyment of living up there is those beautiful hills.

  • There is one person, not sure if board member or AMS person, or uptight resident with too much time on their hands, who constantly sends us violation notices for ridiculous things (delivered water bottles in front of door during the day before we get home at night to take them in, plant pots outside (these pots actually belong to a former board member and not us). This person could actually knock on our door instead of sending violation notices. Or in the alternative, this person could find a charity or organization to volunteer with so they are actually doing something useful with their lives.

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