Look at those Hard Surface Floors in the Bedroom… Busted!


So as of the date this was written (4/28/2017), the HOA is still not inspecting Brittan Heights units between sales. However, that doesn’t mean that sellers do not have to fix non-compliant alterations. They do look at photos of the places when they are put up for sale. Furthermore, I often see either HOA board members or someone from the architectural committee stop by the open houses. So while there are no official point of sale inspections anymore, violations will nonetheless frequently get noted by the HOA and violation letters sent out demanding corrections.

Recently, a couple places with hard surface floors were put up for sale (my own listing included) and the HOA did send out such a letter to my clients. My clients got their letter before we even started showing the home, so I believe we got busted purely from the online photos of the place. We will of course allow the buyers to add some elegant carpet at our cost before the close of escrow… but there go those beautiful hard surface floors!