2018 ended and so far 2019 has started with home prices in San Mateo County down around 10% from their highs in April-May of 2018 (see graph below). It appears that Brittan Heights may be experiencing the same decline in values. Starting mid 2018 all 2/2 condos sold for over $1M, so far in 2019 both of the 2/2 units sold for under $1M (red dots in the dashed circle). Two data points is not really enough to call it a trend, but it would make sense that Brittan Heights should experience the same real estate market fluctuations are the rest of San Mateo County.

San Mateo County Home Prices vs. Dow Jones
Price per square foot of living space for single family homes sold in San Mateo County (Grey Line) vs. Dow Jones Index (Black Line)