BRITTAN HEIGHTS: Aug. 2019 Market Update

2019 has been a heck of a year at Brittan Heights. First, prices are of course at all times highs like all other real estate in the area. 2 bedroom condos are typically selling in the $1.0m-1.1m range and the 3 bedrooms are going for $1.1m-$1.35m.

What’s been really different though was the 2018 listing drought seems to be over. In 2018 only 8 Brittan Heights homes were listed for sale with 7 selling. So far in 2019 there have been 13 sales, 2 pending properties and 3 active; that’s 18 total so far this year. However, this is what a ‘normal’ year should look like for Brittan Heights, last year was weird! Most neighborhoods experience a 4-5% turnover in homes each year. Brittan Heights has 433 units, so a 5% turnover would mean 22 units.