San Carlos Hometown Days 2021 Update

San Carlos Hometown Days 2020 was cancelled due to Covid-19. As a non-profit organization we will continue to work with the City of San Carlos in an attempt to request the use of Burton Park for our event. The decision on Hometown Days 2021 is still pending, but we remain hopeful to host our favorite Community event soon!

-Adrienne Werner, President of San Carlos Hometown Days

Images by Gray Wren photography via”

For those who are new in the area, every year the San Carlos community gets together the third weekend in May to Celebrate Hometown Days. Hometown Days is a uniquely San Carlos tradition that features live entertainment, great food, games, a parade, and fun for the whole family. Much of the activity takes place in Burton Park. Though the festival is still on pending, we should not give our hopes up! Let us continue to be hopeful that with the vaccine coming out and people doing what they need to do to get us there, we’ll be able to finally have our festival.

For more info and updates, please visit the Hometown Days website.